• Shrubs & Perennial Beds

    Seasonal Color Perennial Beds

    Trees On The Move provides Wisconsin's premier seasonal color design services. Whether it be Spring or Fall color, our staff of award-winning Seasonal Color Designers will create something unique for your yard.

    Our Designers get together with all clients to insure that our designs meet their expectations. Trees On the Move helps design seasonal color schemes based on the principles of color theory and how it relates to the surrounding architecture and prospective weather scenarios.

    Planting Bushes & Shrubs

    Whether you call them shrubs or bushes, these plants are important to any landscape. Perennials and annuals provide color and variety. Trees add shade and depth perception, and usually frame our homes and yards. Shrubs are the plants we relate to - they help us feel a part of the landscape because they bring it down to our level.

    Careful selection and placement of Bushes and Shrubs can ensure that your garden provides you with color and allure year round. At Trees On The Move our professionals help select a variety of different shrubs and bushes taking careful consideration to the weather conditions here in Wisconsin.


    Structural Retaining Walls

    Structural Retaining walls are statement pieces for your landscape. While they work to solve structural problems and grade issues, retaining walls create visual interest and depth of field to your landscape. Materials vary from man-made interlocking blocks to natural stones and boulders. Retaining walls are often necessary for support or to level an area when planning for the installation of a driveway or patio. Our design specialists and installers have years of experience in the design and installation of various forms of retaining walls. We work closely with every client to ensure our walls are properly supported, but are also creative outdoor spaces beautiful to your eye. Whether your project involves adding terraces, raised planting beds or large structural walls, Trees On The Move offers the perfect solution for your design and aesthetic needs.