• Deciduous trees are trees that shed their leaves for a part of every year and remain bare until they grow new leaves each spring.

    One of the spectacular things about deciduous trees is the wide array of colors that their leaves display before they are shed. Depending on the variety, deciduous trees have leaves that turn from bright yellow to crimson and many shades of orange.

    Some of the most popular varieties of deciduous trees include birches, maples, locusts, and oaks. Many deciduous trees such as cherries, crabapples, magnolias, and dogwoods flower when they are leafless or just beginning to grow new leaves. This aids the pollination process because the flowers are visible to insects and there are no leaves to obstruct the wind from carrying the pollen.

    Deciduous trees can achieve a variety of landscaping goals from creating shade and beauty to establishing property borders and privacy. Below are some of our most popular trees sold.


    Birch (Betula)

    Heritage River Birch
    Heritage River Birch Trees are loved for their papery cinnamon bark and graceful crown. Their leaves turn bright yellow, telling you that fall is on the way. The Heritage River Birch™ is very tolerant of flooding or drought. Height: 40-50 ft. Spread: 25-30 ft. Bloom Time: Spring. Leaf Color: Green. Sun: Full. Water: Medium. Maintenance: low. Growth Rate: Fast.


    Whitespire Birch

    The Whitespire Birch is a great hybrid birch tree with snowy white bark and good fall color. This Birch has dark green foliage throughout the season. The pointy leaves turn an outstanding yellow in the fall. Neither the flowers nor the fruit are ornamentally significant. The smooth white bark is extremely showy and adds significant winter interest. Height: 30-40 ft. Spread: 25-30 ft. Bloom Time: Spring. Leaf Color: Green. Sun: Full. Water: Medium. Maintenance: low. Growth Rate: Fast.


    Honeylocust (Gleditsia)

    Shademaster Honeylocust

    An open rounded tree with slightly arching branches turning upward at the ends. Rich, green, fern-like foliage turns yellow in fall. Height: 40-50 ft. Spread: 35 ft. Flower color: green/yellow. Fall color: yellow. Soil moisture: medium. Light: part shade to full sun. Growth rate: rapid.


    Sunburst Honeylocust

    The popular honeylocust cultivar known as Sunburst is recognized by its yellow fall color and absence of fruit pods. Height: 40-50 ft. Spread: 40 ft. Flower color: yellow. Fall color: yellow. Soil moisture: dry. Light: full sun. Growth rate: rapid.


    Skyline Honeylocust

    The light, dappled shade cast by the lacy foliage of this attractive tree is only one of its virtues. It also is durable and adaptable, tolerating a wide range of soil conditions as well as drought, and road salt, and has a lovely yellow fall color. Fast growing deciduous tree. Broad, pyramidal form. Thornless variety. Prized for its light, airy, shade. Height: 50’. Spread: 30-35’. Sun: full sun.


    Linden (Tilia)

    Greenspire Linden

    A very reliable shade tree, even for difficult conditions. Tolerates a very wide range of soil condition. Linden trees have very flexible wood making them and excellent choice for open windy areas. Fairly fast growing with dramatic fall color. Height: 30-50’. Spread: 25’. Bloom Time: Spring. Water: Moderate. Growth Rate: Moderate. Sun: Filtered.


    Redmond Linden

    It has dark green, lustrous leaves with silver undersides that flutter in the slightest breeze, giving the tree a striking two-toned appearance. Fall color ranges from yellowish-green to a respectable yellow. Silver linden has a strongly pyramidal growth habit in youth that matures to a tight upright-oval shape. Height: 50-70 ft. Spread: 25-35 ft. Sun: Full Sun. Soil: Moist, well-drained soil. Foliage: Summer Blossoms, fall, Color, Fragrant Flowers. Flower Color & Fragrance: Fragrant, Yellow. Growth Rate: Moderate.


    Sterling Silver Linden

    It has dark green, lustrous leaves with silver undersides that flutter in the slightest breeze, giving the tree a striking two-toned appearance. Fall color ranges from yellowish-green to a respectable yellow. Silver linden has a strongly pyramidal growth habit in youth that matures to a tight upright-oval shape. Height: 50-70 ft. Spread: 25-35 ft. Sun: Full Sun. Soil: Moist, well-drained soil. Foliage: Summer Blossoms, fall, Color, Fragrant Flowers. Flower Color & Fragrance: Fragrant, Yellow. Growth Rate: Moderate.


    Maple (Acer)

    Image result for autumn blaze maple
    Autumn Blaze Maple

    Autumn Blaze maples are large deciduous trees with a strong central leader and dense oval canopy. It can function in the landscape as a fast-growing shade tree and as a specimen highly valued for its fall foliage. With back-to-back "Urban Tree of the Year" awards in 2003 and 2004, you know they are pollution-tolerant (an important consideration if you will be growing them along a street in a busy neighborhood). Height: 60’. Spread: 40’. Sun: Full Sun. Water: Moderate. Growth Rate: Rapid. Foliage: light green/silvery in summer, vibrant bright red in fall.


    Amur Maple

    This small tree with lovely spring flowers and a showy fall display would look spectacular planted along the street in front of your home, or even as a container or patio tree. One of the great things about this small deciduous Maple is that you can grow it as a small tree or shrub. There’s no need for a lot of room in order to have this tree grace your home, and it doesn’t demand any special care or concern. Height: 15-20’. Spread: 20’. Sun: Full Sun. Bloom Color: Fragrant yellowish-white flowers. Bloom Time: Spring. Foliage: Brilliant scarlet fall color.


    Celebration Maple

    Slightly smaller in size than its close cousin – Autumn Blaze Maple, the Celebration Maple fits well into landscapes while showing excellent growth, deeper green foliage, outstanding shape, good disease resistance, and a lovely mix of yellow, orange and red fall colors. It is a hybrid of the Red Maple and Silver Maple, and is known for its strong, symmetrical branches. Height: 40-50'. Spread: 35'. Shape: Broadly oval. Foliage: Green. Fall Color: Yellow to orange. Fruit: Essentially seedless.


    Pacific Sunset Maple

    Pacific Sunset Maple is a hybrid Maple made from the Shantung and Norway Maples. The outstanding glossy green foliage turns magnificent shades of yellow, orange, and red in the fall. The strong, upright, spreading branches of the Pacific Sunset Maple form a rounded crown and its small to medium size makes it an excellent choice for the lawn/ landscape. Height: 35-40’. Spread: 20-25’. Sun: Full Sun.


    Marmo Maple

    'Marmo' is quick to establish itself, growing over 2 feet a year. Its foliage is ornamental not only in autumn, but is also tinted red in early spring, developing to a rich green with silver undersides in summer. Unlike the silver maple, 'Marmo' is seedless and a strong grower. As a mature tree it has an excellent record of resistance to diseases and insects. Height: 35-40’. Spread: 20-25’. Growth Rate: Medium to fast. Fall Color: Varies from scarlet and green to burgundy, yellow and gold.


    Norwegian Sunset Maple

    A smaller hybrid maple allied to the Norway maple, this variety features a strong, oval habit of growth and more reliable fall color than the typical Norway maple, also somewhat more drought tolerant; a fine shade tree for smaller yards. Height: 30 ft. Spread: 25 ft. Sun: Full. Growth Rate: Slow.


    Deborah Maple

    Deborah Norway Maple is a versatile tree which can be planted almost anywhere. Because of its large leaves, Deborah Maples produce a very dense shade which can provide relief from the hot summer sun. This tree should be planted at least 15ft from buildings. Rounded, symmetrical, deciduous tree with dense foliage. Height: 50’. Spread: 45’. Sun: Full Sun. Growth Rate: Moderate - Fast.


    Green Mountain Sugar Maple

    Beautiful deciduous tree with upright broadly oval crown. Dark green, waxy leaves reliably turn orange to red in fall. Noted for its heat and drought tolerance. Height: 40 to 60 ft. Spread: 25 to 45 ft. Bloom Time: April. Bloom Description: Yellowish green. Sun: Full sun to part shade. Water: Medium. Maintenance: Low


    Red Sunset Maple

    Considered one of the best for early fall color! Large deciduous tree has pyramidal form when young becoming rounded with age. Glossy green leaves turn brilliant orange-scarlet, extremely showy. Height: 50’. Spread: 30-40’. Sun: Full Sun. Growth Rate: Medium to fast growing. Foliage: Brilliant red in fall, holds its color longer than other Maples.


    Royal Red Maple

    The Royal Red Maple is a Norway maple selection that is similar to 'Crimson King', but with a somewhat slower growth rate, and slightly better color. 'Royal Red' is also less vigorous and less prone to frost cracks. A dense shade tree, it has a straight trunk with a well-shaped canopy. The crown starts in a conical shape before becoming broadly round. The glossy foliage is an excellent maroon red all season. Height: 40’. Spread: 30’. Sun: Full Sun. Foliage: Lush, glossy, deep purple leaves.


    Oak (Quercus)

    English Oak

    Large, broadly rounded, open headed deciduous tree. Drought tolerant. Dark green leaves hold on late into fall, drop without color change. Growth Rate: Medium. Spread: 50'. Height: 50'. Shape: Broadly columnar. Sunlight: Full to partial. Soil Type: Moist, well-drained.


    Bur Oak

    Bur oak is a large, deciduous tree with a very wide, open crown. Usually wider than tall, the tree can exceed 100 ft. in height and width. The massive trunk supports heavy, horizontal limbs and rough, deep-ridged bark. Leaves up to 9 inches long with a central midrib from which branch veins lead into rounded lobes. Height: 70-100’. Spread: 70-100’. Sun: Full to partial shade. Water: Medium. Bloom Color: Yellow, Green, Brown.


    Red Oak

    Medium to large deciduous shade tree the northern red oak is known for its brilliant red fall colors. It develops stout branches that form a narrow round-topped head. It grows 65 to 100 feet tall, 45 feet wide, and 20 to 40 inches in trunk diameter.


    Pin Oak

    Pin oak is probably used more than any other native oak in the landscape. It has an interesting growth habit, with pendulous lower branches, horizontal middle branches, and upright upper branches. Its glossy green summer foliage changes to russet, red or bronze in fall. Height: 60 to 80 ft. Spread: 25-to 40ft. Flowers: Brown and not showy. Fruit: Nut (light brown).


    Swamp White Oak

    Broad, open, round-tipped deciduous tree. Yellow-brown to red fall color. Leaves are “felt-like” white underneath. Suited for moist or wet locations, although drought tolerant. Swamp white oak is distinguished from all similar native species by its long-stalked acorns. Sun: Full sun. Height: 50-60’. Spread: 40-50’. Growth Rate: Moderate.


    Elm (Ulmus)

    New Horizon Elm

    'New Horizon' is a compact, upright, rapid-growing, hybrid Elm. It is the result of a cross between the Siberian elm and the Japanese elm. It reportedly has excellent resistance to Dutch elm disease. Non-showy, small green flowers appear in spring before the foliage emerges. The 4-inch, elliptic leaves are double-serrated with a lively deep green color, a darker hue than many other Elms. Height: 30 to 40 ft. Spread: 20 to 25 ft. Bloom Time: March to April. Bloom Description: Green. Sun: Full sun. Water: Medium. Maintenance: Low.


    Prospector Elm

    'Prospector' offers the vase shape, dense crown, and large green leaves of its American cousin but in a smaller package. It is a great choice for spaces that need an American elm but aren’t quite large enough. Try 'Prospector' as a street tree, under power lines, in municipal sites or parks, and, of course, at home. Height: 40'. Spread: 30'. Shape: Vase shaped. Foliage: Deep green, glossy. Fall Color: Yellow. Growth Rate: Fast.


    Patriot Elm

    This National Arboretum introduction features stiffly ascending branches, resulting in a narrower vase shaped crown than most elm cultivars. Tolerant of urban conditions and resistant to Dutch elm disease. Glossy green foliage, yellow fall color. A complex hybrid. Height: 50’. Spread: 30-40’. Shape: Stiffly upright, narrow vase shape. Foliage: Dark green. Fall Color: Yellow. Growth Rate: Moderate - fast.


    Ginkgo (Biloba)

    Autumn Gold Ginkgo

    'Autumn Gold' is an all-male cultivar with a symmetrical, broadly spreading habit. Unique fan-shaped green foliage turns a uniform golden yellow in autumn (spectacular when backlit by early morning or late afternoon sun) and persist for several weeks. When the leaves do drop, they drop rapidly, forming a golden carpet around the tree. Height: 40 to 50 ft. Spread: 25 to 30 ft. Bloom Time: April. Bloom Description: Green (male). Sun: Full sun. Water: Medium. Maintenance: Low. Suggested Use: Shade Tree, Street Tree.

    Coffee Tree (Gymnocladus)

    Kentucky Coffee Tree

    Kentucky coffee tree is a unique tree with large, woody pods and very large leaves made up of smaller leaflets. Its common name refers to the use of the pods by early settlers as a coffee substitute. Due to its reasonably strong wood Kentucky coffee tree will tolerate some ice without losing branches. This pest free tree is an alternative to ash and elm where they have been ravaged by insects and disease. Height: 60’. Spread: 40-45’. Growth Rate: Slow – Moderate. Bloom Description: Greenish-white, 1-inch flowers are arranged in panicles at branch tips. Panicles are 8 to 12 inches long on female trees; 3 to 4 inches long on male trees.


    Willow Tree (Salix)

    Weeping Willow Tree

    This graceful giant is known for its open crown of wispy, ground-sweeping branches and long, slender leaves. Often seen as one of the first indications of spring, the weeping willow’s yellow twigs and green foliage appear early in the season. Height: 30-40’. Spread: 30-40’. Water: Likes moist soils. Growth Rate: Fast. Sun: Full to partial.