• Ornamental trees provide interest throughout the growing season with flowers, leaves, fruit and spectacular fall color. Their compact size enables them to be used in areas where larger shade trees are not appropriate. Many of them can be grown as single or multi-stemmed specimens.
  • Crab/Crabapple (Malus)

    Adams Crabapple

    Dense, rounded, disease resistant ornamental tree with green foliage that changes to an orange-red leaf in the fall. Pink Flowers bloom in the spring with a red fruit in the fall that attracts birds. Height: 15 to 20 ft. Spread: 15 to 20 ft. Bloom Time: April. Sun: Full sun. Water: Medium. Maintenance: Low.


    Donald Wyman Crabapple

    Fragrant, white, single flowers bloom in abundance in spring (April). Flowers are followed by bright red crabapples that mature in fall. Crabapples persist on the tree well into winter, providing additional interest. Birds are attracted to the fruit. Leaves are dark green and toothed. Leaves turn amber-gold in fall. Height: 15 to 20 ft. Spread: 17 to 22 ft. Bloom Time: April. Bloom Description: White. Sun: Full sun. Water: Medium. Maintenance: Low.


    Golden Raindrops Crabapple

    Hardy, small ornamental tree. A highly attractive and unusual crabapple with deeply cut leaves and golden yellow fruit. Unique foliage gives the tree a fine-textured, delicate appearance. Blooms white flowers in spring. Height: 15 to 20 ft. Spread: 15 to 18 ft. Bloom Time: April. Bloom Description: White. Sun: Full sun. Water: Medium. Maintenance: Low.


    Prairifire Crabapple

    Prairiefire crabapple is considered one of the best of the scab resistant crabapple cultivars in the nursery trade. It has purple new foliage, clear red-pink flowers, and abundant dark red fruit. Height: 20 ft. Spread: 20 ft. Bloom Time: Spring. Color: Pink. Sun: Full Sun.


    Profusion Crabapple

    Deciduous spreading crabapple. It is noted for its rounded shape, violet-red flowers, red fruit and good disease resistance. Oval leaves (to 3” long) emerge reddish-purple when young, turn bronze green during the growing season and finally turning amber in the fall. Height: 15 to 30 ft. Spread: 20 to 35 ft. Bloom Time: April. Bloom Description: Violet-red. Sun: Full. Water: Medium. Maintenance: Low.


    Spring Snow Crabapple

    Deciduous, small ornamental tree with a rounded growth habit. Great where fruit producing trees can be a problem because Spring Snow Crabapples don’t produce fruit. The tree is completely covered with white flowers in spring. Bright green leaves emerge as blooms fade. Dazzling specimen. Height: 25 ft. Spread: 22 ft. Full sun.


    SugarTyme Crabapple

    Deciduous, upright, oval shaped tree. Flowers are followed by masses of small, glossy, red crabapples (to 1/2" diameter) which mature in the fall and persist well into the winter. The fruits are attractive to birds. Slender and ovate dark green leaves. Height: 14 to 18 ft. Spread: 11 to 15 ft. Bloom Time: April. Bloom Description: Pale pink buds; white flowers. Sun: Full sun. Water: Medium. Maintenance: Low.


    Adirondack Crabapple

    ‘Adirondack’ exhibits a combination of many desirable traits that make it a near perfect crabapple. The narrow, upright-branched growth habit combines with an annual bloom cycle, abundant, small, persistent fruit, with a slow to moderate growth rate. An abundant, bright orange-red, hard, small fruit persist until early winter. Height: to 15-20 ft. Spread: 10-16 ft. Bloom Time: Spring. Leaf Color: Green. Flower Color: White.


    Coralburst Crabapple

    The Coralburst Crab is slower growing Crabapple. It has small, dark green foliage and coral pink buds that open to double, rose-pink flowers which are followed by reddish-orange fruit. The tree is fragrant and usually attract birds. It is disease resistant to cedar-apple rust, mildew and fire blight. Height: to 15-20 ft. Spread: 8-10 ft. Bloom Time: Spring. Leaf Color: Green. Flower Color: Coral-pink. Sun: Sun. Water: Med. Maintenance: low. Growth Rate: Med.


    Red Jewell Crabapple

    A popular ornamental featuring white flowers in spring and persistent bright red fruit in fall, very compact, upright habit of growth; perfect front yard or garden border specimen; excellent disease resistance; needs well-drained soil and full sun. Height: 18 ft. Spread: 12 ft. Sun: Full. Maintenance: Low. Bloom Time: Spring. Bloom Color: White.


    Royal Raindrops Crabapple

    An upright-spreading, disease-resistant, easy-to-grow, crabapple tree that features deeply lobed purple foliage which retains excellent color throughout summer. The magenta-pink flowers bloom in spring and tiny maroon-red crabapples mature in late summer. Excellent orange-red fall color. Height: 15 to 20 ft. Spread: 12 to 16 ft. Bloom Time: April. Bloom Description: Magenta-pink. Sun: Full sun. Water: Medium. Maintenance: Low.


    Firebird Sargentii Crabapple (dwarf)

    An old variety, proven over the years to be one the best. Very graceful habit with irregular spreading branches produces a fine winter silhouette. Height: 8 ft. Spread: 10 ft. Bloom color: White flowers. Foliage: Dark green.


    Snowdrift Crabapple

    One of the most popular crabs. The crown is very uniform and symmetrical, making it one of the more formal looking crabs. Flowers are followed by masses of small, orange-red crabapples Height: 15 to 20 ft. Spread: 15 to 20 ft. Bloom Time: April to May. Bloom Description: White. Sun: Full sun. Water: Medium. Maintenance: Medium. Foliage: Glossy dark green.


    Pink Spire Crabapple

    Upright tree with showy rose-pink flowers in spring followed by persistent bright red fruit in fall; makes a great accent for smaller home landscapes. Likes well-drained soil. Height: 15 ft. Spread: 12 ft. Sun: Full. Foliage: Purplish foliage matures to bronze-green in summer.


    Tina Crabapple (dwarf)

    Dwarf ornamental tree with tight spreading branches. Pink-red buds open to white spring blossoms producing red fruit. Ovate, lobed, dark green leaves turn yellow in autumn. The yellow fall color contrasts well with the red fruit. Height: 6 to 7 ft. Spread: 4 to 5 ft. Bloom Time: April. Bloom Description: White. Sun: Full. Water: Medium. Maintenance: Low.


    Sargent Crabapple (dwarf)

    Dwarf, spreading ornamental tree with an interesting growth habit. Pink buds open to white flowers in spring. Dark red fruit follows. Distinctly lobed foliage. Good specimen plant. Very hardy. Sun: full. Height: 6-8’. Spread: 12’.


    Hawthorn (Crataegus)

    Winter King Hawthorn

    ‘Winter King’ hawthorn is a true four-season tree, with flowers in spring, clean summer foliage, showy fruits in fall and winter, and exfoliating bark that adds winter interest. Even though it is a hawthorn, ‘Winter King’ has relatively few thorns and is relatively resistant to common diseases such as rust that plague other hawthorns. It has an attractive upright vase-shaped growth habit in youth that matures to a pleasing horizontally spreading shape. Sun: Full. Height: 15-30’. Spread: 10-20’.


    Thornless Cockspur Hawthorn

    Thornless branches with thick dark green glossy leaves. Attractive fall colors from yellow to rusty orange. Single white flowers appear shortly after the dark green leaves unfold. Dark red fruit ripens in summer and persists into winter. Height: 20’. Spread: 15 – 20’. Bloom Season: Spring. Water: Medium. Growth Rate: Slow. Sun: Full – partial.


    Pear (Pyrus)

    Autumn Blaze Pear

    Fast growing deciduous tree producing a profusion of white, early spring flowers. Bright red fall color adds to the landscape. A great accent plant. Sun: Full sun. Height: 35 to 40’. Spread: 15-20’.


    Chanticleer Pear

    Deciduous, upright ornamental tree. Also called “Cleveland Select. Clusters of dense white flowers. Blooms superior to Bradford. Purple fall foliage. Ideal street tree. A landscape favorite since the late 60’s. Sun: Full sun. Height: 30-40’. Spread: 15’. Bloom Time: Spring.


    Cleveland Pear

    Deciduous, ornamental flowering tree with erect pyramidal growth habit. Glossy, dark green scalloped foliage. Vibrant orange fall color. Spectacular early spring display of pure white flower clusters. Sun: full sun. Height: 30-35’. Spread: Growth Rate: Moderate - fast. Maintenance: Low.


    Horse Chestnut (Aesculus)

    Ruby Red Horse Chestnut

    The Ruby Red Horse Chestnut tree has brilliant large red flower clusters that bloom in late spring. Blooms appear in mid to late May and subsequently fall from the tree. The tree features broad leaves made up of 5 to 9 leaflets which radiate like a fan from a central point. A medium-sized tree well suited for a variety of landscapes. Height: 35 to 45 ft. Spread: 35 to 45 ft. Crown uniformity: symmetrical. Crown shape: pyramidal, round. Growth rate: slow. Leaf color: green. Fall color: no color change.


    Tulip Tree (Liriodendron)

    Tulip Tree

    Blooms in May and June, producing tulip-shaped flowers 1½–2" in diameter with greenish-yellow petals and a splash of orange at the base. Provides vibrant yellow color in the fall. Produces alternating leaves that are 3– 6" long with distinctive lobes, a flat base and two ear-like tips. Height: 70’. Spread: 35-40’. Sun: Full sun. Growth Rate: Fast. Fall Color: Yellow to gold.