• Retaining Wall Installation

    To withstand Wisconsin winters and the ravages of the elements, retaining walls must be properly installed with appropriate reinforcement.

    Retaining walls can be constructed of interlocking blocks, bolders, timbers or other materials. The height of the wall and the soil conditions will determine construction requirements and the extent of reinforcement needed. No matter which type of retaining wall your design requires, proper site preparation is essential.

    Here is a diagram explaining the basic installation steps Trees On The Move's utilizes to ensure that the retaining walls we construct will be durable, strong and long-lasting:

  • Commercial Retaining Walls

    Trees on the Move offers a wide-variety of award winning retaining wall systems. We continue to set the standard for excellence, and innovation within the segmental retaining wall industry. Trees On The Move offers the best network of architects, engineers and sales professionals in the business.

    To learn more about the quality and value of our Wall Systems, please call our office at 262-679-5200.